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Food For Thought
By Elizabeth Billips
True Citizen Staff Writer
Thinking of eating out? The good news is that the majority of local restaurants are above the bar when it comes time for inspection.

Burke County Environmental Health Specialist Stephen Murray recently completed his second round of inspections for 2004, and 80 percent of eateries scored 90 or better.
“ Anything over 90 is good,” Murray said, adding that the most common violations are unsanitary soda nozzles and soiled dishcloths.

According to Murray, food service establishments are graded on a 100-plus weighted scale. His twice-a-year visits are unannounced, and rechecks are the norm when major violations occur.

“ One major violation can knock down your score,” Murray said, pointing out that a cooler not functioning below 41 degrees can cost a restaurant big. “I try to be fair, especially if I go somewhere on a busy day. But when I see a pattern with certain violations, I get concerned.”

Schools and health care centers were the hands-down top scorers in Burke County, all falling in the upper 90s to 100. (Read Rest of Story in The True Citizen.)

Midville Police To Get New Patrol Car
By Lisa Jones
True Citizen Staff Writer
The Midville police officers will not have to worry about their cars breaking down anymore.
Midville City Council approved the purchase of a new car for the police department.
Council met Monday, Oct. 4, and after hearing the estimates presented by Sgt. Jason Bragg, one for just over $30,000 and the other for $32,000, members were in unanimous agreement that a car would have to be purchased.

“The main car is fixin’ to stop,” Mayor Bruce Anderson said. “I think we should go on and by [a new car] if the officers agree to take care of it.”

“ I don’t think we have a choice right now,” city council member Norma Thorne added. “We need a way for our police officers to get around.”

Some members voiced concerns regarding the ability to make payments but were assured that the car will be paid for with money from a grant already acquired by the city with the remainder of the balance to be paid for by possible future grants and revenue.
Ricky Turner, a teacher and an employee of the Wadley Police Department, attended the meeting and offered to help Midville obtain additional grants.

In addition to the patrol car, the council voted to issue the police department two cell phones, one to be used solely by acting police chief, Richard Smith, and the other for the on-duty officer.

The council stipulated that the phones were only to be used for official police business.
Council also discussed the proposed dress ordinance tabled at the last meeting.
(Read Rest of Story in The True Citizen.)

Whooooo is here in time for Halloween??
This wise old barred owl was spotted recently in a Girard family's yard. After being spotted, he quickly left his perch and took a stroll down the driveway
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