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By Bonnie Taylor

Our landmarks are quickly going away ... the latest three are The Well, C&S Grocery and Bob Rhodes Grocery.

I came in on Highway 25 Sunday and noticed that The Well and C&S Grocery will probably be history this week and all that will remain will be a flat spot for the widening of the four lane on U.S. Highway 25.

The demise of Bob Rhodes Grocery began earlier this year with the privy (outhouse) being wiped out by a vehicle. It’s been rebuilt but I understand it lacks the character it once had!

Rumor has it that the store is closing, but it ain’t not so! It is under new management – open this weekend. The store is known for only closing a few days a year ... Christmas Day, election days and Sundays to observe the sabbath. Bob Rhodes Grocery has been a mainstay for Burke County’s economy longer than my 37-year history here.
I have been told they have the coldest beer in the county and dignified women have tried to make a purchase of beer, but chickened out!

A lady, whom will remain nameless, wanted to surprise her husband with cold beer in their refrigerator when he came home, and she had heard about the infamous Rhodes store. What she did not know was who she would run into in the store. Upon arrival she walked in and saw all the “gentlemen” perched on coolers, countertops and standing around, “shooting the breeze.”

She looked around and finally the proprietor asked, “Ma’am, can I help you?”
She replied, “I’ll take a head of lettuce.”
I also learned about the treatment for hemorrhoids at the Rhodes barbecue takeout several years ago. While waiting in line with everyone sort of bunched up to the window to place the order, someone in line started discussing their painful hemorrhoids.
The lady behind the counter who was serving up potato salad overheard the conversation and began to tell everyone a treatment.
“ Sit in a pan of boiled potatoes that are still warm.”
I don’t remember if you leave the skins on the potatoes or not or if you leave your pants up or down ... and to this day, I have never tried the remedy.
The establishment should be known as Burke’s Legends ... for so many stories have come from those who are regulars or just passing through.
I wish the new manager good luck and hope the stories keep coming!
Get well wishes are extended to many Burke Countians who are patients in the Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital in Augusta.
Mrs. Betty Johnson, wife of Ernest Johnson, who owns Johnson’s Barber Shop, has been a patient there for eight and one-half weeks.
Dennis Woods, husband of Rita Woods, owner of Taylor’s Barbecue, had a heart attack last week.
Greg Hawkins’ mother, Mazina Hawkins, also had a heart attack.
Bob Mobley of Waynesboro is home after a heart stint.
Don’t forget about the Waynesboro Shrine Club Farm Fest Variety Show Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the Burke County Office Park Auditorium and the festival Saturday in downtown Waynesboro beginning at 10 a.m.
Come out and wish our farmers well and enjoy the festival!
Be sure to read Larry Lathem’s response to my column last week in letters to the editor.
Just as I was writing my column I was notified that my pastor, the Rev. Wayne Dixon’s mother, Mrs. Lillian Dixon, died.
No matter how old sons get, they always remain close to their mothers ... little boys for ever.
Mrs. Dixon had been very sick for some time. She will be sorely missed by her family, but their precious memories of her will linger forever!
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