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By Bonnie Taylor


The Pat Tillman story should touch the hearts of every American.
He has given the ultimate sacrifice, his life for his fellow Americans.
Pat could have taken the more chosen road, one of fame and fortune, but instead chose to serve his country, which put him in harm’s way. Pat was killed Friday in southeastern Afghanistan.

Pat was the former Arizona Cardinals safety who left football to become an Army Ranger.
David McGinnis, former Cardinals head coach said, “Pat knew his purpose in life, he proudly walked away from a career in football to a greater calling.”
I drove out to The Strawberry Patch Saturday morning for strawberries.
As I was getting ready to leave, several vehicles pulled in from the driveway headed northbound on Highway 25. I was amazed at the traffic southbound with their right turn signals headed for The Strawberry Patch. It was like a convoy.
While there I also purchased some homemade bread. The gentleman told me it was made with no eggs or milk. I asked, “Is it any good?” He jokingly remarked, “Of course it is!”

It was good. I served it for Sunday dinner. I covered mine with scrumptious real butter!
My mother-in-law, Loree Taylor, made strawberry pies from the strawberries. They, too, were delicious!

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a community where we have access to the finer things in life!
More locally grown vegetables will be available the third Saturday in May at the First Liberty Farmers Market. Mark your calendar!
I was in Steve Link’s office at Link Automotive Friday around lunchtime. He has a visit from his daughters nearly every day around this time, and I had the pleasure of speaking with Noelle, who is three.

She and I discussed where we would like to eat lunch, and I told her I was going through the drive-in window at McDonald’s because I was too busy to eat out.
She got so excited. She said she and her friend, Kelly, ate at McDonald’s the day before and they had fun on the playground.

I told her I knew her friend, Kelly. She asked, “You know Kelly Carter?” and I responded “yes” and told her how I knew Kelly. Her parents are Dr. and Mrs. Frank Carter.
Noelle said, “Kelly is my best friend!”

She sincerely meant it. I could tell it by the look in her eyes. I thought to myself how wonderful it is at such a young age for children to learn how important relationships are.
These are two lucky girls or should I say, “friends.”
For those of you who are interested in property transfers in our county, be sure to see Real Estate Transactions in the classified ads at the end of the properties for sale and rent.
There is a lot of positive action going on in our community, and the buying and selling of property is one of them. This is another way The True Citizen is keeping you informed!

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