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Middleton Is Named Postmaster Of Sardis

By Diana
True Citizen Staff Writer
The city of Sardis has a new postmaster. Isiah Middleton took over the position of postmaster after Isaac Beard retired earlier this year. Middleton, however, is no newcomer to Burke County. In 1985, he began a part-time position as a window clerk and distributor for the Waynesboro post office.

He worked for 19 years in Waynesboro, under the supervision of Beard, before taking a job in Augusta as a part-time letter carrier. When Middleton heard of the opening position available in Sardis, he applied, ready for a change. He left his position as supervisor of customer service at the Peach Orchard branch and began his duties in Sardis on March 20.
The change for him has its perks, as well as disadvantages. For one, Middleton now has a 50-minute drive from his home in Hephzibah, as opposed to the short 15-minute drive he previously had. However, he prefers the one rural route that is Sardis to the 21 city and 13 rural routes in the 30906 area.

Middleton says that he really enjoys the family type atmosphere in Sardis. “In Augusta we had different crafts and with the union we couldn’t do others’ jobs. Here, everybody works to get the job done. We can help each other.”

Previous Sardis postmasters have set a standard for Middleton. He says, “My commitment to Sardis is to continue the excellent service former postmasters have provided.”
Middleton’s late wife, Geraldine Nelson, was from Girard, and their four children, Thomas, Isiah Jr., Yolanda and Stacie all live close-by.

I love candy
Amid the hustle and bustle of the Burke County Public Library’s 2nd annual Easter egg hunt, some children began to slow their pace after discovering candy hidden inside those brightly colored eggs. Cameron Oglesby takes a moment to tear open a packet of M&M’s, nearly dumping his basket in the process, and enjoy its chocolately goodness. This year’s egg hunt was the largest ever, with 70 children in attendance.
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