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I am currently serving on active duty with the U.S. Army in Iraq. I was fortunate to be able to return home on leave and spend the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with my family. I traveled home in desert camouflage uniform with other troops on a charter flight from Iraq. Our charter flight stopped in Bangor, Maine at about 2 a.m. Upon exiting the aircraft and entering the airport terminal, numerous members of the local VFW greeted us. The VFW members, along with their spouses, cheered and greeted us with handshakes and hugs. They provided us coffee and doughnuts and allowed us to use their mobile phones to call our families.

The other troops and I re-boarded the aircraft and proceeded with our flight to Atlanta, Ga. We arrived in Atlanta approximately 6 a.m. and exited the aircraft to proceed to the main terminal and claim our baggage. Upon entry into the main terminal of the airport, we again were greeted by cheering crowds of local citizens who shook our hands and welcomed us back. They also gave us phone cards and teddy bears for our families. While awaiting my follow-on flight to Augusta, Ga., I was approached numerous times by total strangers who thanked me for my service in Iraq and offered me words of encouragement. Upon arrival in Augusta, Ga., I was met by my family and while waiting to claim my baggage, was again thanked by total strangers for my service in Iraq.

The other troops and I were truly overcome by the patriotic support that we received. Let me take this opportunity to thank your readers for the support that they have shown to my fellow soldiers and me. Such a simple act means so much to a soldier who has been isolated from his family and home for many months. One of the primary things that contribute to maintaining a soldier’s morale is the assurance that he is remembered and supported by the folks back home.

Thanks for your support,
M. Sgt. Michael L.
Williams Sr. , Vidette



I have been a patient in the local hospital (Burke Medical Center) several times over the past two years and most recently, last week.

I want to commend the doctors, nurses and other staff members for their professionalism as well as the personal touch with which they give care to their patients. We all tend to be quick to criticize and slow to praise in many areas of our lives and I do hear criticism occasionally about our hospital.

I’d like to say to those people and the whole community, we are indeed fortunate to have such a facility in our town and the Buchanans would like to say “thank you” for the special care you have given me. No one likes to be hospitalized, but it is so nice, when it is necessary, to be at home. It’s convenient for family and friends to visit and it’s nice to be cared for by people like our local hospital staff.
Thanks again to all of you.

T.E. “Red” Buchanan

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