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This letter is in response to an article in last week’s True Citizen, which falsely identified our 15-year-old daughter Henrietta Maria Crumbley as the writer. The above mentioned letter about the Lady Bears softball team was not written by Henrietta or any member of our family. We do not know who wrote it, but whoever did should have been bold enough to put their own name to it. It is a shame that we have people in Burke County, Waynesboro, who would stoop to this level. My child is innocent and we stand behind her. Those were obviously the words of a disgruntled person (child or adult), who was not happy with the Burke County High School (BCHS) softball program and the problems that surrounded it this year. If we had wanted to say something, we would have said it. We are not afraid. We will not tolerate the slandering of our child’s name by anyone. Leave our child alone. Our family’s world does not revolve around BCHS softball.

Henry and Martha G. Crumbley


This is Jennifer Dixon, and I would like to thank the woman that returned my wallet. She had found it near Dairy Queen. You are a very respectful and honest person.
Thank you.
Jennifer Dixon


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