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Through the years I have been criticized for talking too much. Last week’s editorial complained that I don’t say enough. However, be assured that I intend to remain as Commissioner of District Two until the people of my district have the opportunity to vote on my successor. That would not be possible if I resigned prior to the end of my term. The law creating the Burke County Commission calls for the remaining four county commissioners to appoint a person to a vacancy created by resignation or death. Unlike many counties, there is no provision for a special election to be held. I have been advised that this appointing procedure may be in violation of the Voting Rights Act, but until it is changed, there is no other alternative.

I thank God for every day that I am able to serve the people of Burke County even though my health is not good, and I regret that I can’t raise sand like I used to do. I don’t think that it would be in the best interests of our county, my constituents of the right to vote for their commissioner. My life has been devoted to securing the right to vote for all people, so I won’t resign. However, I will ask the commission to request that State Representative Alberta Anderson offer legislation at the earliest possible date to revise the procedure for filling vacancies so that my successor will be the choice of the People of District Two, not of others outside the district.

Herman Lodge
County Commissioner
District Two

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