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Weather Subdues Cotton By $8 Million
By Jimmy Ezzell
True Citizen
Cotton has always been the king crop in Burke County and the staple of all crops grown over the years – that is until 2002. With nearly half of the cotton acreage planted this year now being plowed under by local farmers, Burke County has been designated as one of 147 counties in Georgia as a “primary disaster area” by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
Richard McDaniel, Burke County director of the University of Georgia Extension Services, confirmed Monday, Oct. 21, that of the 45,000 acres of cotton planted in the county this year, more than 20,000 acres are being plowed under and declared a total loss. McDaniel speculates that even with crop insurance, farmers will lose between $7 and $8 million alone on cotton. This is because of the yields for the past several years that were held down due to the severe drought the state has experienced for the past four years. “Only those farmers who had irrigation are still picking, and their yield will be several hundred pounds below what they should have been getting,” the veteran farm agent said.
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19 Sex Offenders Registered In Burke
By Jimmy Ezzell
True Citizen

As of Tuesday, Oct. 22, Burke County has 19 persons listed on the Sex Offender Registry maintained at the Burke County Sheriff’s Office.

James Hollingsworth, the chief deputy for the sheriff’s office, said yesterday that when a person convicted of a sex crime is released from prison they must register with the sheriff’s office of the county in Georgia where they will reside, work or go to school. When a person is released, they must meet these requirements within 10 days under threat of being charged with failing to register. If convicted on this, they could face from one to three years in state prison and a fine up to $100,000. Each year, for the next 10 years, they will be notified by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) when they must come back to the sheriff’s office for re-registration and to be photographed again. A person with more than one prior sexual conviction or has been convicted of an aggravated sexual offense will remain on the registry for life and will receive a verification letter each year on the anniversary of their original registration as a sex offender.

When that person leaves the county of residence, they must notify the sheriff’s office and if they move to another location in Georgia, the sheriff in that locality. If it is out of state, then they are required to notify the designated law enforcement agency of that state. But they still must let the local sheriff’s office know where they have moved.

Kate Brazell, the sheriff’s office terminal agencies coordinator, has the task of keeping up with these offenders and keeping the GBI headquarters in Atlanta updated on the residency of each offender registered in Burke County. The GBI maintains a web site that lists all persons on the Sex Offender registry county by county.

Hollingsworth said there is a 12-inch by 12-inch book kept at the receptionist’s desk at the sheriff’s office that contains the record of each of the 19 listed in Burke County. It lists the residence, the type of vehicle they drive, age, description and when they registered in the county as well as what they served prison time for. A picture also is included and updated each year. While this book is a public record and can be viewed by any county resident, Hollingsworth said mostly investigators from the county’s Department of Family and Children Services and police officers use it. When The True Citizen was compiling this report, Brazell that day, received notification of another person to be added to the Burke registry. She also noted that one person on the registry left the county and was in neighboring Richmond County “with his girl friend.” A county deputy looked into the matter, found out where he was in Richmond and with Richmond officers picked him up on a warrant of leaving the county and going to another location without notifying the sheriff’s office in Burke County.

The man, who is now being held in the county jail pending disposition of his case, said he still maintained his residence at a mobile home park in Burke but that he was just staying with his girl friend in Richmond County for a time. A check with where he lived in Burke County revealed that he owed back rent, and his landlord did not know where he had gone. The landlord had a telephone number, and the deputy used it to determine the man’s location and arrested him. If convicted, this man could return to prison for violating the rules.
Hollingsworth said while the addresses on the registry are supposed to be correct, if anyone has information that one of the offenders lives at another address, they should call the sheriff’s office.

In looking at the records of those listed on the Sex Offender Registry in Burke County, it was discovered that three of them live within a mile and a half of each other on Highway 24 South. One lives in Sardis, four in Waynesboro and the others in Burke County with Hephzibah addresses.

Here is a list of those currently listed on the Sex Offender Registry at the sheriff’s office. This includes their age, address, the sex charge for which they were convicted and the original date that they registered in Burke County as a sex offender:

· Dennis Michael Cadle, 46, 2311 Farmers Bridge Road, Hephzibah, (incest) 7-2-98;
· Raul Delgado, 56, 6311 Hwy. 24, South, Sardis. (child molestation) 6-20-02;
· Tracy B. Fleming, 28, 631 Camp Circle, Sardis, (statutory rape) 6-26-01;
· Christopher Joel Hankerson, 32, 316 Pecos Road, Hephzibah, (child molestation) 4-20-01;
· Frednand Hernando Hughes, 25, 102 Persimmon Lane, Way-nesboro, (statutory rape)

· Richard Dean Inglett Jr., 33, 6130 Hwy. 24 South, Sardis, (statutory rape) 3-17-02;
· Blair Andrew Jordan, 39, 501 E. 8th St., Waynesboro, (child molestation) 7-13-01;
· Vernon Lamont Lake, 25, 526 E. 7th St., Waynesboro, (statutory rape and child molestation) 8-18-01;
· Stephen Landsman, 46, 4090 Hwy. 23 South, Lot 118, Way-nesboro, (sexual battery)
· Seymour Jezotal Mack, 25, 1583 Rose Dale, Waynesboro, (statutory rape) 7-7-99;
· Robert Lee Mapp Jr., 32, 288 Cedar Drive, Waynesboro, (sexual battery) 6-03-00;
· Keith Fitzgerald Robinson, 19, 553 E. 7th St., Waynesboro, (criminal attempt at child molestation) 2-18-02;
· Grover Cleveland Royal Jr., 39, 6540 Hwy. 24 South, Sardis, (forcible rape) 6-2-00;
· Daniel Thomas Shaffer, 26, 2297 Corley Road, Lot GG, Hephzibah, (sexual battery)
· Thomas Alex Stephens, 52, 4690 Hwy. 25 North, Lot C, Waynesboro, (criminal sexual misconduct with a child) 11-16-99;
· John E. Walker, 47, 501 E. 8th St., Waynesboro, (child molestation) 3-18-00;
· Jerry Lee Ward, 41, 180 Law-son Hall Drive, Waynesboro, (child molestation) 12-7-98;
· Lloyd Albert Weeks, 36, 816 Thomas Road, Waynesboro, (sexual battery on a minor)
6-16-01; and

· Tyrone Wilkerson, 28, 693 West Fitzgerald Road, Sardis, (child molestation) 7-7-99.
Bazell said two of those listed above, Lake and Robinson are not currently living in Burke County because they are both serving time in a probation detention center in South Georgia. However, they are still listed on the Burke County registry because they will return here after they complete their sentences.

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