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By Bonnie Taylor


Sunday's rain was a welcome surprise and answer to prayer for many farmers and homeowners.
I don't believe it was in the forecast, and we sat through Sunday dinner with the lights flickering and watching the downpour. It was magnificent!
My mother-in-law, Loree Taylor, is recuperating beautifully from her surgery. She is doing much, much better than any of us expected.
I want to thank each one of you who called, said a prayer, sent a card, sent plants and flowers and for any other act of kindness shown her .
She said she felt like Princess Loree because she was receiving so much attention.
If anyone deserves the special attention ... she does!
I am a tree hugger and hate to see any cut, but the trees cut at the Burke County Courthouse were a must, and we can now see the beautiful structure we voted to restore.
When you ride by and look it's as though the trees were never there.
I don't know for sure what happened with last week's election at the St.Clair voting precinct, but I hope all is resolved by the runoff election on Sept. 10.
The board of education run-off election is important to all Burke Countians.
If you are registered to vote in this BOE district, please go to the polls on Sept. 10.
Congratulations to George DeLoach for retaining his seat in House District 99.
Betty White made a great showing of support in her unopposed Republican seat for House District 100 formerly House District Seat 116.
She faces Alberta Anderson in November.
Another important race that affects Burke County is Max Burns who faces the winner of the Sept. 10 runoff for the democratic nomination in the new 12th Congressional District.
I have had an opportunity to meet with Max Burns on several occasions and I like his ideas and believe he would represent Burke County well, and we desperately need representation!
One of my classmates from Waynesboro High School Class of '71, Mary Martha Allen Rugg’s mother, Myrtle Lee Allen, died Aug. 14.
She was a Burke County native and lived most of her life here.
Margie Odom, sister-in-law of our dear Ruby Barefield, passed away Sunday morning.
I did not realize that Glenn Widener was retiring from the post office.
Congratulations, Glenn!
Make plans for the Downtown Waynesboro Celebrity Waiter on Sept. 30.
Reservations are required, and it promises to be a lot of fun for a good cause ... Downtown Waynesboro promotions and renovations ... and lots of good food. Watch for details in next week's newspaper.
For more information or to make your reservations, contact Cristi Williams at First National Bank of Waynesboro, 554-8100, or the Burke County Chamber of Commerce, 554-5451.

We are compiling a new list of veterans. We need the names of all veterans, no matter which war they served in. We need their name, branch of service and the years they served. Special pages are planned for Memorial Day either May 22 or 29. Please send names and information to:The True Citizen , P.O. Box 948, Waynesboro, Ga. 30830,
attention: Bonnie Taylor.

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